Horizon Forbidden West All Dreadwing Locations

Horizon Forbidden West – All Dreadwing Locations

Dreadwings are a deadly new machine that spawns in Horizon Forbidden West after completing the Seeds Of The Past main mission. There are three Dreadwing locations in the base game and one Dreadwing location in the Burning Shores DLC, making for a total of four.

The machines can be found:

  • North of Latopolis
  • North of the Zenith Base
  • South of the Bulwark (Apex variant at night)
  • South-east of Fleet’s End (Apex variant at night) [Burning Shores DLC]

You can check below for more information or watch my YouTube video:

All Dreadwing Locations In Horizon Forbidden West And Burning Shores DLC


There is currently only one marked Dreadwing machine site in Horizon Forbidden West, and it can be found just north of LATOPOLIS between two Bonfires.

You’ll find the Dreadwing perched under a broken overpass, and you’ll need to be careful if you fast-travel to the bonfire north of the site as the Dreadwing can immediately spot you, forcing you into a fight without strategy and planning.

North Of The Zenith Base

Dreadwing Location 2

Another basic Dreadwing can be found north of the Zenith Base in an unmarked location. The Dreadwing is hanging from the arm of the nearby Metal Devil or Horus. Similarly to the Dreadwing near LATOPOLIS, it will immediately spot you if you fast-travel to the Bonfire highlighted above.

This Dreadwing only spawns once you’ve completed the main game. After defeating it, the Dreadwing remained dead in my game.

South Of The Bulwark (Apex Variant)

Dreadwing Location 3

The final Dreadwing location in the Horizon Forbidden West main game is an Apex variant. It can be found in an unmarked location on the map, south of the Bulwark and west of the Arena in a valley.

The Apex Dreadwing only appears at night alongside a Stormbird near a Slaughterspine and Thunderjaw, so be careful when exploring the area.

Note: Remember that Apex variations of any machine are stronger than the basic, and since the machine is already tough, it’s a good idea to wait until you have some of the best armour and weapons to take on the Apex Dreadwing.

Burning Shores Dreadwing Location (Apex Variant)

A fourth Dreadwing location can be found in the Burning Shores DLC, just south-east of the Fleet’s End settlement, as seen in the screenshot above. This Dreadwing, which can also spawn as an Apex variation at night, can be found hanging from the ruins of a building.

That’s it! Those are all of the known Dreadwing variations and their locations. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot, you’ll encounter the machines during some other missions which I won’t spoil here.

If you need to farm Dreadwing machine parts, just re-visit these locations as much as you need. Good luck!

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