Gotham Knights Health Packs

How To Get Health Kits In Gotham Knights

If you’re on patrol completing premeditated crimes or any of the game’s eight Case Files, you may find yourself running low on Health Kits to heal you. If you want to know how to get more Health Kits in Gotham Knights, take a look at our handy guide right here.

Replenishing Health Kits

When you start a new patrol in Gotham Knights, you’ll have a total of seven Health Kits to use. If you use them, there are two ways you can acquire more Health Kits; either by returning to the Belfry or by collecting them from defeated enemies.

If you choose to return to the Belfry, you’ll end your patrol and all active crimes, both small and premeditated, will disappear. However, when you next leave the Belfry, even if you swap characters, you will have seven Health Kits again.

Gotham Knights How To Get More Health Packs
When dropped by mini-bosses, Health Packs look like white crosses on the ground, as shown above.

Alternatively, you can acquire Health Kits from fallen enemies, although only from the larger mini-boss variety.

They’re rare, but if a mini-boss does drop them, you’ll find them on the floor in the form of a white collectable cross, as highlighted in the image above.

You’ll have to work out which option is best for you, as ending all crimes can slow your progress, particularly if you’re trying to acquire Knighthood for either of the four characters.

Meanwhile, it can be risky to stay out and embroil in fights against enemies, particularly mini-bosses as Health Kits aren’t always a guaranteed drop.

Still, it might be worth a chance, and it certainly provides more challenge if you try it!

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