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Kao The Kangaroo – How To Defeat Terror Boss Fight

Terror is the first boss you’ll face in Kao The Kangaroo after obtaining five Runes and unlocking the Eternal Gate beside what looks like a large cave. Check out our Kao The Kangaroo Terror boss fight guide to learn how to defeat the game’s first major boss.

After passing through the Eternal Gate, you’ll trigger a cutscene in which you’re introduced to Terror and his threatening size, and will then be thrown against the boss. Like all other bosses in Kao The Kangaroo, the fight has multiple phases and you’ll be required to solve puzzles to stun him and deal damage.

Phase One

Immediately starting, Terror will begin spinning around the arena in straight lines. If you look at the floor, you’ll be able to see Terror’s path for a few brief seconds, giving you some ideal time to get out of his way.

After every fourth spin attack, Terror will fall to the floor in a daze. When this happens, rush over to him and begin punching to deal damage. After doing this around three times, you’ll move on to the second phase where things get a little harder.

Phase Two

After the brief cutscene, the second phase will begin, where Terror remains stationary in the centre of the arena spinning. He will unleash mini-tornadoes that spin around the arena before disappearing. You’ll need to run and dodge the mini-tornadoes until they stop.

When they do, three blue rocks will appear on the ground. Pick one up and throw it at the chandelier to loosen it. Repeat this three times, and the chandelier will fall, followed by a short cutscene that triggers the third and final phase.

Phase Three

In the third phase, Terror will be levitating the Chandelier above him with the help of the Eternal Crystal energy. He’ll again unleash waves of mini-tornadoes, and you’ll need to avoid them.

As he does this, several platforms will appear around the arena, and you’ll need to climb them to hit the crystal to weaken Terror’s magic. Repeat this three times, all the while avoiding Terror’s mini tornadoes, and you’ll trigger a cutscene, completing the boss fight.

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