Horizon Forbidden West Stormbird Location

Horizon Forbidden West Stormbird Locations

Returning from Horizon: Zero Dawn are Stormbirds, deadly machines that resemble gigantic birds. Although highly dangerous, Stormbirds come with highly valuable machine parts, so they’re worth taking on. Like many other dangerous machines, Stormbirds are rare. There is only one marked Stormbird location on the game’s map in Horizon Forbidden West, but you can actually find the machine in one other location that’s unmarked. Keep on reading for all Horizon Forbidden West Stormbird locations.

Perched On Golden Gate Bridge

Horizon Forbidden West Stormbird Location 1

There’s only one Stormbird location marked on your map, and it can be found perched on or flying around Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, northwest of Legacy’s Landfall. Before you can face the Stormbird, you’ll need to have completed the Faro’s Tomb mission to unlock traversal to San Francisco.

South Of The Bulwark

Horizon Forbidden West Stormbird Location 2

There is only one more Stormbird location, and you can find it at an unmarked location on the map just south of the Bulwark and west of the Arena. The machine can be found close to a Slaughterspine and Thunderjaw site, and you’ll either need to climb up the mountains surrounding the area or fly.

The Stormbird will be accompanied by a Dreadwing, another tough machine, so you’ll want to bring plenty of healing items and resources to face the two of them.

Unfortunately, there are no other Stormbird locations in Horizon Forbidden West, although you can fight one during The Second Verse side mission!

That’s it! Those are all of the known Stormbird locations in Horizon Forbidden West. The deadly machines aren’t as common as in Horizon: Zero Dawn, but you’ll still be able to face them and strip them of their much-needed components!

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