How Many Bounties Are In High On Life 3

How Many Bounties Are In High On Life?

Squanch Games’ High On Life is a first-person shooter that sees you explore a sci-fi galaxy on a mission to prevent the end of humanity, all with the aid of talking weapons. If you’re playing and want to know how many bounties are in High On Life, simply continue reading our guide right here.

High On Life Bounties List

There are a total of seven bounties in High On Life, despite the eight spaces on the bounty machine in your home. The bounties are all part of the G3 Cartel that is attempting to use humans as drugs. To prevent the destruction of all humanity, you’ll need to work with the Gatlians to stop the G3 Cartel, defeating all seven bounties along the way.

How Many Bounties Are In High On Life 1

The seven bounties you’ll need to take down throughout the game are as follows:

  • 9-Torg
  • Krubis
  • Douglas
  • Dr. Giblets
  • Skrendel Bros
  • Nipulon
  • Garmantuous

When playing the game, you’ll be required to first defeat 9-Torg before unlocking all subsequent bounties. Bounties must be chosen from the bounty machine, transporting you to the planet the cartel member can be found at. Once on the planet, it’s usually a linear path to the boss.

After defeating bounties, you can claim big rewards in the form of pesos through the bounty machine in your living room. In between hunting bounties, you’ll unlock new Gatlian weapons and abilities, and you may need to complete other missions before proceeding with the bounties.

What’s more, you can use the new weapons and abilities on previous planets and areas to find any missed collectables and unlock previously inaccessible areas.

That’s it! Now you know how many bounties are in High On Life and should have a general idea of how much of the game you have left to complete.

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