God Of War Ragnarok Boss Order

God Of War Ragnarok Boss Order

God Of War Ragnarok is longer than its predecessor. On their journey to stop Ragnarok, Kratos and Atreus will face several challenging bosses, including fights against some eagerly awaited Norse gods. If you’d like to find out how many bosses are in the game and which order you’ll take them on, continue reading our God Of War Ragnarok boss order guide.

How Many Bosses Are In God Of War Ragnarok?

There are a total of 56 bosses in God Of War Ragnarok across the game’s main story and all side content. The main story, known as The Path, sees you fight a total of 20, and you’ll defeat these naturally as you complete the game’s 18 chapters.

Some boss fights in both the main game and side content require you to fight more than one enemy at a time for epic double fights.

We’ve put together a list of all the main story bosses in God Of War Ragnarok. Please be aware that there are major spoilers for the game, so proceed at your own risk.

  • Bjorn [Surviving Fimbulwinter]
  • Thor [Surviving Fimbulwinter]
  • The Huntress [Surviving Fimbulwinter]
  • Dreki [The Quest For Tyr]
  • Alva [Groa’s Secret]
  • Grylla [The Lost Tree]
  • Vanadis [The Reckoning]
  • Forest Ancient [The Reckoning]
  • Fiske [The Reckoning]
  • Nidhogg [The Reckoning]
  • Frost Phantom [The World Of Fate]
  • Garm [Reunion]
  • Two Drekis [Creatures Of Prophecy]
  • Gulltoppr and Heimdall [Creatures Of Prophecy]
  • Forest Ancient [Unlocking The Mask]
  • Flame Phantom [The Summoning]
  • Two Soul Eaters [The Summoning]
  • Hrist and Mist [The Summoning]
  • Thor [The Realms At War]
  • Odin [The Realms At War]

Alongside the above, there are dozens of other bosses that can be found by either exploring the game’s nine realms or completing the game’s 47 Favours. We suggest you wait until you’ve completed the game’s main story and have upgraded your skills, abilities, armour, and weapons before taking any of these on, as some can be very difficult.

Take a look at our list of all optional bosses below, ordered by realm location:

  • Olaf Nautson [Midgard]
  • King Hrolf Kraki [Midgard]
  • Visi Haglkorn [Midgard]
  • Farekni The Zealous [Midgard]
  • Miklimunnr [Svartalfheim]
  • Ormstunga [Svartalfheim]
  • Hardrefill The Callous [Svartalfheim]
  • Bodvar The Fierce and Starolfr The Troublesome [Svartalfheim]
  • Beigadr The Feared [Svartalfheim]
  • Hvitserkr The Bold [Vanaheim]
  • Haklangr The Bearded [Vanaheim]
  • The Crimson Dread [Vanaheim]
  • Flame Phantom [Vanaheim]
  • Crag Jaw [Vanaheim]
  • Soul Eater [Vanaheim]
  • Soul Eater #2 [Vanaheim]
  • Two Drekis [Vanaheim]
  • Two Drekis #2 [Vanaheim]
  • The Corpse Eater [Vanaheim]
  • Slag Horn [Vanaheim]
  • Dreki [Vanaheim]
  • The Ash Tyrant [Vanaheim]
  • Blatonn [Vanaheim]
  • Egil The Oath Guard [Vanaheim]
  • Vali The Oath Guard [Vanaheim]
  • Jorgen The Oath Guard [Vanaheim]
  • The Maven [Alfheim]
  • Gravel Belly [Alfheim]
  • Stinnr and Strekr [Alfheim]
  • Frost Phantom [Alfheim]
  • Hjalti The Stolid [Alfheim]
  • Svipdagr The Cold and Sisters Of Illska [Alfheim]
  • The Raven Keeper and The Pale One [Niflheim]
  • Skjorthendi The Unerring [Niflheim]
  • Gna [Muspelheim]
  • The Hateful [Svartalfheim, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Midgard]

Those are all of the God Of War Ragnarok boss fights. There are lots of them, and some must be defeated as they’re part of Favours that’ll need to be finished for the game’s platinum. Good luck!

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