How Many Favours Are In God Of War Ragnarok_

How Many Favours Are In God Of War Ragnarok?

Alongside an exciting and explosive main story, God Of War Ragnarok has numerous side quests known as Favours. The quests are optional but must be completed for the game’s Platinum. If you want to know how many Favours are in God Of War Ragnarok, continue reading our guide right here that lists all of them and the regions they can be found in.

God Of War Ragnarok Favours

There are a total of 47 Favours in God Of War Ragnarok, none of which can be missed even after completing the game’s main story. They are represented by blue icons and can be found throughout the game’s various regions.

When completed, Favours award you with trophies, resources, gear or unlock new areas while offering more depth to the game’s world and lore.

Most Favours can be started either automatically or by speaking with select NPCs. Not all Favours will be available to you when you first visit a realm as many will require additional abilities or for you to move the story forward to unlock.

You can find a complete list of all Favours in God Of War below with the realm they can be found in:


  • Sigrun’s Curse
  • Animal Instincts
  • Guiding Light


  • Scent Of Survival
  • Freya’s Missing Piece
  • The Mysterious Orb
  • Garden For The Dead
  • Cure For The Dead
  • Conscience For The Dead
  • Path Of Destruction
  • Trail Of The Dead
  • What Lies Below
  • Return Of The River
  • The Burning Skies
  • Quaking Hollow
  • In Plain Sight
  • In The Dead Of Night
  • Nocturnal Predator
  • For Vanaheim!
  • Casualty Of War: The Stein
  • Casualty Of War: The Toy
  • Casualty Of War: The Hourglass
  • Casualty Of War The Brooch
  • Casualty Of War: The Scroll


  • The Weight Of Chains
  • In Service Of Asgard
  • The Lost Treasure
  • Spirit Of Rebellion
  • A Viking Funeral


  • The Broken Prison


  • Defend Your Valour
  • The Final Challenges


  • The Desert Door
  • Freyr’s Gift
  • The Elven Sanctum
  • Secret Of The Sands
  • Song Of The Sands

Across All Realms

  • The Crucible
  • The Lost Lindwyrms
  • Hel To Pay
  • Born From Fire
  • A Stag For All Seasons
  • Fit For A King
  • The Last Remnants
  • Nine Realms In Bloom
  • Across The Realms
  • The Eyes Of Odin

Backtracking is required to complete all of the Favours in the game, and each Favour varies in length. While they’re not mandatory for the main story, we suggest you try to complete as many as possible for additional gear and world-building.

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