Animal Crossing Glitch

New Animal Crossing Glitch Stops Players From Crossing Bridges

A new glitch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is preventing players from crossing their bridges.

Last week, Nintendo released a new summer-themed update for Animal Crossing introducing diving, new sea critters, and new NPCs. Also included was a game-breaking glitch that is preventing players from enjoying the new features.

The glitch was first reported on social media where dozens of players complained of not being able to cross their bridges. As shown in various videos, players hit an invisible wall whenever they attempt to cross their bridge. What’s strange about the glitch is that it’s only been reported on zen bridges, with all others being fine.

Some players have found workarounds for the glitch by using the vaulting pole if possible, loading up the in-game camera which allows users to walk over the bridge, or demolishing and rebuilding the bridge via Tom Nook, but that’s both time-consuming and expensive.

The Animal Crossing glitch has been reported to Nintendo on the company’s official forums so developers may already be working on a fix for this game-breaking bug. Nintendo has been quick to fix other Animal Crossing: New Horizons glitches so it’s only a matter of time before we receive another update.

Animal Crossing: Diving, Pascal, and More

Players without a glitched game are able to enjoy the game’s brand new summer-themed features. As reported last week, the new summer update brought the return of swimming in the ocean and diving for sea critters.

It also included the return of popular character Pascal who can award players with Mermaid-themed DIY recipes and pearls, a new resource found in the ocean. Finally, the game also included an alternate Pirate-themed version of Gulliver who gifts pirate-themed DIY recipes and other items to players.

When Nintendo announced the diving update, the tech giant revealed it was only the first wave of a larger summer update for the game. The second wave will release early August and looks like it will include the return of the Fireworks Show event plus many other features.

In the meantime, keep checking back for the latest news on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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