Winds & Leaves PSVR

New Winds & Leaves PSVR Game Announced For Spring 2021

Winds & Leaves has been announced for PlayStation VR with a Spring 2021 release date.

Developers Trebuchet Games, the creators of Prison Boss VR and Jousting Time, announced the calming, nature-themed game today, describing it as the studio’s “largest project to date”.

According to an official description of the game, players will play as The Gardener, a lonely being whose purpose is to regrow vegetation in a barren world. Armed with only a pair of stilts and some several gardening tools, players will need to explore the barren world to uncover ancient landmarks and awaken the latent energy within them to help replenish the world.

Players will get to explore various biomes including deserts, riverbeds, and more to plant and grow a sprawling forest. The game, made specifically for PlayStation’s VR system, will feature procedural growing trees as well, a living and evolving soundtrack that reacts to the world around players, as well as dynamic time and weather simulation too.

Alexandre Pernot Lopes, the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Trebuchet, said in a statement: “We are very excited about Winds & Leaves, as it is our largest project to date.

“We have welcomed a bunch of new faces in our team, and pushed our limits to create something unique and innovative. None of it would be possible without PlayStation’s incredible trust and support.”

Winds & Leaves has a release date of Spring 2021, but nothing concrete has been announced. With Spring not far off, it shouldn’t be too long before we hear more about the VR game, so keep checking back! Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more PSVR content, check out our guide on the best PSVR accessories here.

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