The artwork for Lords Of The Fallen's Master Of Fate update that showcases a character in a hood with a skull mask.

Lords Of The Fallen’s final content update ‘Master Of Fate’ adds a game modifier system

HEXWORKS has today (April 24th) released the final free content update for Lords Of The Fallen, implementing a new game modifier system that allows you to fully customise the action RPG as you see fit.

Titled Master Of Fate, the update brings the game to version 1.5 and adds several modifiers to tweak and customise your playthrough as well as new achievements and trophies. For example, you can randomise enemy and loot spawns and adjust the density of mobs (More or less of them) encountered throughout Axiom and Umbral.

You can also make the game more difficult by removing several or all Vestiges and implementing a permadeath mode, where dying in Umbral forces you to restart the game but with your items and character level intact.

You can even opt for a more aggressive playstyle by making health items and spells replenish as withered healing that can only be properly regained by inflicting damage on enemies.

Since its launch last October, HEXWORKS has released a slew of updates for the game, implementing numerous quality-of-life changes and bug fixes, as well as adding new quests and spells and seasonal events.

Master Of Fate marks the game’s final major content update.

An image showcasing all of the content updates released for Lords Of The Fallen

Saul Gascon, the Executive Producer and Head of Studio at HEXWORKS, said of the update: “We’d like to the many players who have embarked upon Mournstead since we launched six months ago; their belief in our vision has been a real driving force for us.

“In response to their support for the game, we expanded the period of live support for Lords Of The Fallen with an ambitious post-launch roadmap. This was built around four significant content updates, alongside numerous smaller releases, which included tons of new content and quality of life patches.”

He added: “Reaching v1.5 with the Master Of Fate update and its genuinely groundbreaking modifier system marks the completion of that roadmap, making Lords Of The Fallen the best it’s ever been.”

In celebration of the content update’s launch, HEXWORKS and publisher CI Games has discounted Lords Of The Fallen by 50% on the PlayStation Store and on Steam as part of CI Games’ Steam Publisher Sale.

Learn more about the Master Of Fate update below:

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