PlayStation Plus January 2023

Sony Announces PlayStation Plus Games For January 2023

Sony has announced the first three titles available as part of PlayStation Plus Essential in 2023.

From January 3rd, 2023, members subscribed to PlayStation Plus on levels Essential and above can claim Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Fallout 76, and Axiom Verge 2. Learn more about the titles below:

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action-adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment that is set within the Star Wars universe. Set five years after Revenge Of The Sith, the game follows Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis who embarks on a journey across the galaxy to complete his Jedi training and rebuild the Jedi order, all while being hunted by the Galactic Empire.

The game sees you fight stormtroopers and wild creatures with Force powers and Cal’s lightsaber in Souls-inspired combat, unlock new Jedi skills and abilities, complete jaw-dropping set pieces, and face off against the Galactic Empire. A sequel – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – will launch in March 2023.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is an online RPG from Bethesda Game Studios that is a prequel to previous Fallout games. Set in 2102 – 25 years after the nuclear war that kicked off the series – the game follows a resident of Vault 76 who leaves the Vault on ‘Reclamation Day’ as part of plans to re-colonise the Wasteland of West Virginia.

Play alone or with up to three other people and explore the open world of a post-apocalyptic West Virginia, which is now overrun by dangerous monsters and creatures. Complete various quests and build your base, but be wary of other the dangers that lurk in the Wasteland, be them other players or unfathomable abominations.

Axiom Verge 2

Axiom Verge 2 is a Metroidvania indie game by Thomas Happ Games. A sequel to Axiom Verge, the game follows billionaire Indra Chaudhari who is mysteriously invited to meet with her missing daughter. You’ll need to explore an alternate Earth-like world that is home to the ruins of an ancient, high-tech civilisation, and must hack machines, battle monsters, and use Indra’s drone to enter the parallel digital world of the Breach.

The above titles will all be available from January 3rd, 2023, and you’ll have until then to claim December 2022’s titles; Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and Divine Knockout: Founder’s Edition.

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