Lords Of The Fallen Pumpkin Patch

Lords Of The Fallen Gets Spookier With Limited-Time Halloween Event And New Questline

With Halloween fast approaching, HEXWORKS and CI Games have decided to celebrate the holiday by releasing a brand-new update for Lords Of The Fallen, adding a limited-time event to the game as well as a slew of additional bug fixes and improvements.

Dubbed the Pumpkin Patch (Version 1.1.249), the new patch adds a Halloween event, decorating the world of Mournstead with various seasonal cosmetics.

The Halloween event will run from today (October 26th) to November 2nd, and it features a brand-new questline that allows you to unlock the Pumpskin Mask, a terrifying helm inspired by the jack-o-lantern.

The Pumpkin Patch also adds several changes to the game as developer HEXWORKS continues listening to player feedback. Full crossplay between PC and all console platforms has been unlocked, and enemy density has been reduced in several areas throughout the game.

Numerous performance and stability fixes for all platforms have been added, as well as a revamp of the game’s New Game Plus mode.

Previously, NG+ removed all Vestiges in the game excluding Skyrest Bridge and any Seedlings. Following community feedback, HEXWORKS has modified that and introduced a tiered NG+ system that introduces Vestiges but removes them the higher the NG+ level.

The Pumpkin Patch launches later today. For more, stay tuned for our Lords Of The Fallen review!

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