Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Hold Onto Your Web-Shooters Guide

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – ‘Hold Onto Your Web-Shooters’ Walkthrough

Hold Onto Your Web-Shooters is the first official mission of the game, and our Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Hold Onto Your Web-Shooters walkthrough will guide you through the mission, its objectives, and any trophies that can be completed via the mission. Please be warned that there will be spoilers in our guide.

Hold Onto Your Web-Shooters Walkthrough

Mission Rewards: 3,500 XP and 1 Skill Point

Upon starting the game, you’ll get a cutscene of Miles walking through Harlem, which has been revamped since the last Marvel’s Spider-Man, and meeting some of the characters you’ll see throughout the game. When the cutscene finishes, you’ll receive your first objective to meet Peter in Midtown. You’ll automatically be thrown into the game, and this is a perfect time to familiarise yourself with the game’s traversal mechanics:

  • R2: Swing
  • Hold R2 and X: Jump while swinging
  • X: Web-zip
  • R2 and L2: Zip to point

Use all of your traversal abilities to explore the city and reach Midtown to progress the first mission.

Defeat The Escaped Prisoners

When the convoy chase goes wrong, Peter will deal with Rhino and ask you to take on the escaped prisoners. This is where you’ll learn the basics of combat and how to take on crowds of enemies. Like Peter, Miles is incredibly strong and can defeat enemies with a few hits. Controls you’ll want to memories are:

  • X: Jump
  • Square: Attack
  • Circle: Dodge
  • Triangle: Web-strike
  • Tap R1: Shoot gadget
  • Hold R1: Select gadget

Once you’ve defeated the five escaped prisoners, a short cutscene will play and you’ll need to take on another group of prisoners, although these guns you’ll want to avoid using your dodging ability. Once you’ve defeated enough of the enemies, another cutscene will play, which triggers a chase sequence across Manhattan.

Chase Rhino

You’ll swing through the streets of New York and point-zip through multiple buildings on your chase of Rhino. You’ll need to try and keep your momentum by using all of the traversal techniques learnt at the beginning of the mission; swing and jump at the lowest point of its arc, web-zip, and point-zip to keep moving. Throughout the chase, Rhino will throw signs at you that you’ll need to dodge to keep your momentum going.

Eventually, Miles will attach himself to Rhino as he leaps into a shopping centre. You’ll have to steer Rhino left and right throughout the next segment to avoid smashing into obstacles that will harm you. As you steer Rhino, Peter will help civilians in your path, so don’t worry about them.

While steering Rhino, you’ll eventually see a mother with a stroller, and will be prompted to hit the L2 and R2 buttons to pull the stroller out of harm’s way. Immediately after, you’ll need to hit the triangle to pull yourself towards Rhino and punch him, causing the both of you to fall, during which you’ll need to hit the X button to slam Rhino into the ground.

After you land, another chase sequence starts and you’ll again need to steer Rhino left and right to avoid advertisement screens, the giant Christmas tree, and other obstacles. You’ll eventually steer Rhino through a castle-like structure, witness a cutscene involving one of Spider-Man’s most iconic characters, and leap from the building, kick-starting another chase sequence.

Again, you’ll need to keep your momentum up while chasing Rhino across New York’s High Line. Remember to dodge the signs Rhino throws at you, and before you know it a cutscene will play wherein Rhino runs into a tank of flammable gas at a Roxxon lab.

Defeat The Prisoners

The next section will require you to take on various groups of prisoners. Remember to dodge, disarm, web-strike, and web-shooters to defeat the enemies. However, some of these prisoners are armed with rocket launchers, and you’ll need to dodge them when the launcher’s target covering Miles flashes red. After defeating the first group of enemies, you’ll need to climb one of the nearby buildings and face a second group and learn about Finishers, and then you’ll need to face a third group of a nearby bridge.

Note: Redirect rockets to enemies by hitting the L1 and R1 buttons when prompted.

Once the prisoners on the bridge have been defeated, you’ll need to face your first boss; Rhino.

Defeat Rhino

When Peter is left immobilised, you’ll be left to take on Rhino yourself with your newly-acquired Venom ability. The Rhino boss fight is split into two main sections; outside Roxxon Labs and inside one of the buildings. To defeat Rhino, you’ll need to dodge his attacks to build up your Venom meter.

You can also attack Rhino to deal damage and build up your Venom meter, but your basic attacks are somewhat useless against him and usually lead you into getting hit and take lots of damage. Once the Venom meter has been filled, you’ll need to unleash a Venom Punch by hitting the L1 and Square buttons. The attack will stun Rhino, giving you time to get a few hits in.

Note: You can heal by hitting the DOWN button on the DualShock 4 or DualSense controller.

You’ll then need to repeat the process; dodge and attack to build your Venom meter, unleash a Venom Punch to stun Rhino, and then get several hits in. Throughout the fight, Rhino may also throw items at you, make sure to dodge them to avoid damage.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage, Rhino will slam Miles into a nearby building, where he’ll get much more aggressive. Keep repeating the same process. During this fight, Rhino may charge at you, leading Miles to jump on his back and steer him around the arena. When this happens, try and steer Rhino into an electrical box, as it’ll stun him and give you time to attack.

At some point, Rhino may catch Miles and slam him into the ground. If this happens, you’ll get a Square button prompt and must mash the button to avoid taking damage. Once you’ve dealt enough damage, a cutscene will play in which Miles finally defeats Rhino and meets one of the major characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. When the cutscene finishes, you’ll have successfully completed the game’s first mission.

Mission Trophies

Rhino RodeoRide Rhino through the shopping mall

The Rhino Rodeo trophy is story-related and unmissable. You’ll unlock it simply by steering Rhino through the shopping centre.

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