Lords Of The Fallen Update

Lords Of The Fallen Update Adds New Quest, Spells, And Fixes

HEXWORKS has released a brand-new update for Lords Of The Fallen, adding a new quest line, several spells, and a plethora of bug and performance fixes.

Update v.1.1.348 adds the Way Of The Bucket questline, which will remain permanently in the game. I won’t spoil the quest here, but the quest will reward you with an item of “truly indeterminate value”, as per the patch notes.

The update also adds six new spells (They do not count towards the Adept trophies and achievements) across the game’s three magic schools, all of which can be obtained by defeating the enemy wielding them:

  • Vortex Of Torment (Radiant): Unleash a cyclone that deals damage and inflicts Bleed buildup
  • The Tolling (Radiant): Shoot a wave of magic that deals Holy damage and can knock enemies down
  • Blistering Salvo (Infernal): Shoot a series of infernal darts that deal damage and inflict Burn buildup
  • Rising Fire (Infernal): Summon several orbs of fire that explode after a short delay, dealing Fire damage and Ignite buildup
  • Pallid Bile (Umbral): Release a torrent of Umbral magic that inflicts Wither damage and Poison buildup
  • Septic Heave (Umbral): Fire several putrid orbs that inflict damage and Poison buildup

A series of game improvements have been added as part of the update, including animation fixes to stop you falling off ledges, improved matchmaking, and a fix to the Umbral ending that allows you to finish the game if previously blocked.

The studio has also confirmed it’s working on fixes to the Xbox offset HUD as well as stuttering during autosaves.

Several fixes have been added to reduce micro-stuttering, collisions, performance in sections of the game, enemy AI, and visuals – the full patch notes can be read here.

Lords Of The Fallen 2023 Roadmap

The update is the latest to come from HEXWORKS and forms part of the studio’s roadmap for the remainder of 2023. It follows the Halloween event, the inventory expansion pass, and a reduction in mob density.

As I reported earlier this month, the studio plans to release additional spells, faction questlines, another inventory expansion, the addition of boss weapon abilities, gamepad binding, and New Game+ modifiers.

This all comes as HEXWORKS continues to implement fixes to improve the game, including PvE and PvP balancing, increased boss difficulties, quality of life changes, and more.

Lords Of The Fallen is available on discount as part of Black Friday, and you can grab the standard edition at 30% off on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles and 30% off for the Deluxe Edition on Steam or 35% off for the standard edition.

Check my Lords Of The Fallen review here, where I described the game as a “unique Souls-like carving its own path”.

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