Lords Of The Fallen Content Roadmap

Lords Of The Fallen Promises Weekly Patches And Free Events In 2023 Update Roadmap

HEXWORKS has shared its content update plans for Lords Of The Fallen for the remainder of 2023, a plan that includes a series of patches and DLC content.

The roadmap includes promises of weekly enhancements to adjust the game’s stability and performance, as well as save game fixes, increased boss difficulty, quality of life improvements, and changes to co-op, PvP, and PvE.

Also included are two new events, a series of new Umbral, Rhogar, and Radiant questlines and armour sets, inventory expansions, two new spell packs, the introduction of secret boss weapon abilities, gamepad binding, and New Game+ modifiers.

You can take a look at some of the stuff coming in the roadmap below:

Lords Of The Fallen Roadmap

The slew of promised updates comes as HEXWORKS continues its work to improve the game’s balancing and performance, as I noted in my Lords Of The Fallen review published yesterday.

Since the game’s launch, the studio has already reduced mob density and restored Vestiges (The game’s equivalent to bonfires) to New Game+ following community feedback.

HEXWORKS has promised further support planned after 2023, but we’ll have to wait until next year for more details.

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