Demon's Souls Crescent Falchion

How To Get The Crescent Falchion In Demon’s Souls

Like most other Souls-like games, Demon’s Souls is jam-packed with dozens of different weapons, each of which works with different builds and deals various damage. One of the best early-game weapons is the Crescent Falchion, and in our guide, you’ll discover why the weapon is considered one of the best weapons in the game, how you can acquire it, and how to upgrade the Crescent Falchion too.

What Is It?

The Crescent Falchion is a Falchion curved sword that has been imbued with magic, dealing magic damage to all enemies, even if you’re not levelled in Intelligence. However, since the Crescent Falchion scales on Intelligence, it significantly benefits anyone prioritising a mage build, particularly in the long-term.

Where To Find The Crescent Falchion Early

The Crescent Falchion can be picked up incredibly early in the game. After completing the tutorial and defeating the first Demon’s Souls boss of 1-1, Phalanx to unlock all other Archstones, head to the Archstone Of The Shadowmen and enter the Shrine Of Storms, Island’s Edge (4-1) area. After loading into the area, push forward and you’ll come across a new enemy; a skeleton. These enemies can be difficult to fight, so take your time and learn to block or dodge its powerful attacks. They like to roll and then perform a slash with their Falchion, so block or dodge, and then attack them.

After you’ve defeated the skeleton, pass through the archway and continue forward until you reach the bottom of a set of stairs. Another skeleton will roll down the stairs and attack, while a second skeleton at the top of the stairs will shoot arrows at you. Take both enemies out.

To the left will be two more skeletons that you’ll need to defeat. Once done, enter the fog wall into the building AHEAD and take an immediate left. Follow the hallway along but note that halfway down (Note the second image below) it is a floor switch that when activated shoots arrows. Either block the arrows or dodge them, and then take another immediate left once you’re out of the hallway.

You’ll emerge on a cliff overlooking the starting area, and at the edge of the cliff is a lootable corpse with the Crescent Falchion +1. Between you and the weapon, however, is a powerful black skeleton. Since you likely haven’t levelled up much, we suggest you avoid fighting him as he’ll kill you quickly and instead run past him, loot the weapon, and roll off the click back towards the Archstone.

If anything happens to your Crescent Falchion, you can always upgrade a basic Falchion into a Crescent Falchion. Ordinary Falchions can be bought for 1,500 Souls from Graverobber Blige, who must be freed from a jail cell in the Shrine Of Storms (4-1) world using the Copper Key.

How To Upgrade The Crescent Falchion

Since the Crescent Falchion is on the magic upgrade path, it can only be upgraded up to a +5. To upgrade the Crescent Falchion, you’ll need to collect a total of 25 Moonshadestone Shards, nine Moonshadestone Chunks, and one Pure Moonshadestone. We’ve put together a brief table of each upgrade requirement below:



Crescent Falchion +1

Three Shards

Crescent Falchion +2

Four Shards

Crescent Falchion +3

Six Shards, one Chunk

Crescent Falchion +4

Six Shards, three Chunks

Crescent Falchion +5

Six Shards, five Chunks, one Pure

You can only upgrade your Crescent Falchion with Blacksmith Ed at Stonefang Tunnel (2-1), found by activating the moving platform beside the level’s spawning point.

That’s it! We hope our guide to finding and upgrading the Crescent Falchion – one of the best weapons in Demon’s Souls – will help you beat the game. While you’re here, you may want to check our guide to the best rings in Demon’s Souls too, just to help you a little more.

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