How To Solve The Server Room Puzzle Fort Solis 1

How To Solve The Server Room Puzzle In Fort Solis

When you reach the server room within the Communications department in Fort Solis, you’ll need to complete a brief puzzle to bring the facility’s systems back online, which requires you to restart specific server consoles. If you’re having trouble working out how to solve the puzzle, we’ve got you sorted out right here!

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Solving The Server Room Puzzle

After using the computer in the server room, you’ll see five numbers listed on the screen; 25, 28, 23, 35, and 39, which are the server consoles you’ll need to reset in the respective order.

To reset each console, simply head down the rows of server consoles in the room, find the console you want to restart and interact with it.

When you interact with a server console, you’ll be presented with a brief timed puzzle, where you must press the restart button on the console just as the crossed lines collide at the centre of the screen and the diamond shape flashes yellow.

Start with server console 25, which you can find in the second row of consoles nearest to the computer, and then proceed to restart consoles 28, 23, 35, and 39.

Once those five server consoles have been restarted and now emit blue light, you can head back to the computer, where you should check marks above each of the numbered consoles, like in the image above.

After completing the puzzle, you’ll grab a level four keycard (Find out how to get the fifth and final keycard with our guide here). Don’t forget to check the computer for documents, messages, and logs once the cutscene ends!

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