Demon's Souls Best Rings

Demon’s Souls Best Rings – All Rings And How To Find Them

Rings are items you can obtain throughout the Demon’s Souls games, both the original PS3 version and the newly-released PS5 title. They provide you with small upgrades or modifiers that can help you get through the game, such as boosting your health and damage output or increasing your defence and attributes. Take a look at our Demon’s Souls best rings guide for a list of all rings and how to find them.

Complete List Of All Demon’s Souls Rings

There are a total of 26 rings in the original Demon’s Souls and an additional four in the Demon’s Souls remake for a total of 30. The Demon’s Souls rings can be acquired by finding them in the game’s levels, by trading with Sparkly The Crow or by killing NPCs, enemies or Demon’s Souls bosses.

Below, you’ll find a list of all 30 Demon’s Souls rings along with information on what they do and how you can acquire them.



How To Unlock

Ally's Ring

Increases all damage when in Blue Phantom form

  • Given as a reward after speaking with the Monumental with Pure White Character Tendency

Cat Ring

Decreases damage received from falls

  • Found in The Swamp Of Sorrow beside the first fog gate by a Black Phantom

  • Bought from Patches, The Hyena in The Nexus for 40,000 Souls

Clever Rat's Ring

Attack power increased when health is below 30%

  • Found in the Prison Of Hope on the walkway to the balista, before the Black Phantom and boss fog gate

Cling Ring

Boosts maximum health when in Soul Form

  • Found in the Gates Of Boletaria at the bottom of the tower stairwell after the Blue Eye Knight

Dull Rat's Ring

Defence increases when health is below 30%

  • Given as a reward for rescuing Lord Rydell from the Prison Of Hope

Eternal Warrior's Ring

Boosts stamina regeneration speed

  • Dropped by Old King Doran at the Gates Of Boletaria

Foe's Ring

Increases all damage when in Black Phantom form

  • Given as a reward by Mephistopheles for killing Yuria, The Witch

Fragrant Ring

Slowly recovers MP over time

  • Can be found in Upper Latra in the swamp area

  • Can be traded with Sparkly The Crow in Island's Edge for a Brass Telescope

  • Given as a starting item for Royalty class users

  • Can be bought from Patches, The Hyena for 60,000 Souls in The Nexus

Flame Reistance Ring

Increases fire resistance

  • Found beside the dragon nest in the Gates Of Boletaria

  • Given as a gift from Patches, The Hyena after disabling his trap in The Tunnel City

Graverobber's Ring

Become harder for Black Phantoms to detect you

  • Dropped by Graverobber Blige

  • Found in Island's Edge after the second fog gate,  up the stairs and onto a beam towards a ledge

Gash Resistance Ring

Boosts bleeding resistance

  • Found on a corpse under a bridge in The Lord's Path

  • Given by Patches, The Hyena after saving Saint Urbain in The Ritual Path

Regenerator's Ring

Slowly recovers HP over time

  • Found in Island's Edge beside the Copper Key near two archers

  • Found in the Swamp Of Sorrow in an alcove after entering the swamp

  • Can be traded with Sparkly The Crow in Island's Edge for a Jade Hair Ornament

Ring Of Avarice

Increases the number of Souls from fallen enemies

  • Bought from Once Royal Mistress in the Prison Of Hope for 50,000 Souls

  • Found in Upper Latria after the heart is dropped

Ring Of Devout Prayer

Adds one miracle slot

  • Dropped by Saint Urbain when defeated

  • Can be traded with Sparkly The Crow in Island's Edge for the Large Sword Of Moonlight

  • Can be traded with Selen Vinland at the Swamp Of Sorrow for the Crest Of Vinland

Ring Of Sincere Prayer

Increases miracle power and miracle casting time

  • Dropped by Maiden Astraea in Sanctuary of The Lost

Ring Of Uneven Scales (Demon's Souls remake only)

Raises maximum item burden but lowers maximum equip burden

  • Can be traded with Sparkly The Crow in Island's Edge for a Gold Coin

Ring Of Longevity (Demon's Souls remake only)

Boosts maximum health

  • Given by Stockpile Thomas with the Deluxe Edition of the Demon's Souls remake

  • Can be traded with Sparkly The Crow in Island's Edge for a Pure Bladestone

Ring Of The Accursed

Become an enemy's top priority

  • Found in Inner Ward where Yuria, The Witch can be found

  • Dropped by Mephistopheles when defeated

Ring Of Poison Resistance

Increases poison resistance

  • Found in the Gates Of Boletaria near Executioner Miralda

  • Found in the Smithing Grounds in the lava pit

Ring Of Great Strength

Increases maximum equip burden

  • In the Gates Of Boletaria near the dragon nest

  • Dropped by Biorr, Of The Twin Fangs when defeated

Ring Of Herculean Strength

Increases maximum item burden

  • Given as a reward after giving Stockpile Thomas the Jade Hair Ornament

  • Dropped by Stockpile Thomas if defeated

Ring Of Magical Nature

Adds one magic slot

  • Found in Inner Ward with Yuria, The Witch

Ring Of Magical Dullness

Boosts magic defense but decreases magic attack power

  • Found in the Depraved Chasm on a roof near the first fog gate

  • Can be traded with Sparkly The Crow in Island's Edge for a Phosphorescent Pole

Ring Of Magical Sharpness

Increases magic attack but decreases magic defence

  • Found in the Prison Of Hope in a room with several iron maiden traps

Ronin's Ring

Reduces the rate of weapon wear

  • Dropped by Scirvir, The Wanderer in The Tunnel City 

  • Found in the Ritual Path in the slug cave

Sodden Ring (Demon's Souls remake only)

Faster movement in deep water

  • Found in Upper Latria with Pure Black World Tendency

Providential Ring (Demon's Souls remake only)

Increases item discovery

  • Given as a starting gift for new players

  • Given by Stockpile Thomas with the Deluxe Edition of the Demon's Souls remake

  • Can be traded with Sparkly The Crow in Island's Edge for a Large Sword Of Searching

Thief Ring

Become harder for enemies to detect

  • Found behind Ostrava, Of Boletaria in Boletarian Palace

Plague Resistance Ring

Increases disease resistance 

  • Found in The Tunnel City on a corpe after dropping down scaffolding

  • Found in Upper Latria near the Primeval Demon

Master's Ring

Increases direct hit damage but lowers all other damage

  • Dropped by Executioner Miralda in the Gates Of Boletaria

  • Found on a corpse in the Dragon God arena near the second balista

It’s important to highlight that if you manage to collect all Demon’s Souls rings in the 2020 remake, you’ll unlock the ‘King Of Rings’ trophy, required for the game’s platinum.

Our Demon’s Souls Best Rings

Since you can only equip two rings at any given time, it’s important that you work out which rings are best for your build and the area you’re currently playing through. For example, if you’re a mage build, you’ll likely want to utilise the magic-based rings to boost the strength of your sorceries, or you may want to use the rings that boost your defence against certain damage if you’re in an area or facing enemies that specialise in it.

Regardless of what your build is or which level you’re playing, there are several rings that we believe you should try utilising when playing the game. Check out our short list of the Demon’s Souls best rings for all players:

  • Sodden Ring: When traversing water-logged areas like the Swamp Of Sorrow
  • Rings Of Great and Herculean Strength: To boost your maximum item and equip burdens if carrying too much
  • Ring Of Longevity: To boost your maximum health
  • Ring Of Avarice: To boost the number of Souls you earn from defeating enemies – great for farming!
  • Eternal Warrior’s Ring: To boost your stamina recovery speed, great if you don’t want to use a shield
  • Cling Ring: To boost your maximum health in Soul Form, which you’ll be spending a lot of time in

We’ll stress that you frequently change the rings in your possession to apply to your current situation as many of the rings will provide you with a small advantage to help you beat certain troublesome enemies, bosses or areas. We hope our guide to the Demon’s Souls best rings has helped you! If so, check out our guide on how to get the magic-imbued Crescent Falchion sword.

You can only equip two rings at a time in Demon’s Souls, so you’re going to need to choose wisely between what’s available depending on the level you’re playing through and the bosses and enemies you’re currently facing.

Yes! You can obtain all of the Demon’s Souls rings in a single playthrough, but we suggest you read through our guide to discover how to obtain all of them as some can easily be missed.

Rings are incredibly simple to use in Demon’s Souls as you simply have to equip them through the game’s menu. However, it’s important to remember that you can only equip two at a time.

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