The artwork for Beyond The Darkness, featuring child Millie

Face nightmares and find your family in upcoming horror game Beyond The Darkness

Indie developer My Little Studio has announced its debut horror game Beyond The Darkness.

Launching later this year for Steam, the game follows a little girl named Millie, who, while lost in a world of distorted memories, needs help conquering her fears to find her family.

Using her only weapon – a lamp – you’ll need to aid Millie in exploring the dangerous realm she’s stuck in over several levels, all while solving puzzles, reconstructing memories to uncover the truth of her past, and facing strange monsters.

Enemies require different approaches and strategies, and not all of them can be defeated – you’ll have to concentrate on evading or outsmarting them to survive, all while managing your lamp’s flame to avoid becoming engulfed in darkness.

Beyond The Darkness will launch later this year for Steam, and you can wishlist it now. Check out the announcement trailer below.

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