Dune: Spice Wars Conquest Mode

Dune: Spice Wars Gets Conquest Update With New Game Mode, Regions, And More

Shiro Games and Funcom have released the brand-new Conquest update for Dune: Spice Wars, adding a new game mode, and plenty more.

The new update includes the brand-new Conquest Mode, a highly replayable, challenging, and progression-driven single-player mode, where you select one of the major houses – Atreides, Harkonnen or Corrino – and fight through unique scenarios and situations that will require you to use all of your skills and abilities to progress.

Houses can be modified with perks to offer different ways to tackle the mode’s challenges, and each run of the Conquest mode will play out differently. Shiro Games and Funcom claim that it a round can take around ten hours to complete.

Alongside the launch of the Conquest Mode, the update has also added five new tutorials, included major balancing changes to the game, overhauled the assassination system, added economy improvements, and reworked nuke and resource management.

It’s also added a new region to the game, a new unique building for each faction, dozens of quality-of-life improvements, changed the UI, and introduced nine new music tracks.

The Conquest update marks the game’s fourth major update, and it’s the last before the game’s full launch later this year. An update from last November improved the game’s air and sand gameplay by introducing new flying units, resources, and more.

Dune: Spice Wars is a 4X real-time strategy game based on the Dune IP that launched in Early Access last year. You can grab the game on Steam here.

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