The primary artwork for inkle Studio's A Highland Song and its Harmony update

A Highland Song gets free update adding new music, gameplay, and secrets

Developer inkle Studios has released a free update for its adventure and platforming game A Highland Song on Steam and Nintendo Switch, adding new gameplay mechanics and music.

Today’s Harmony update has added five new tracks by Scottish folk bands Talisk and Fourth Moon to the game.

It’s also added a new Landmarks feature that allows you to see the names of peaks and the paths you’ve located on previous maps, as well as “new story surprises” for you to discover along your journey.

A Highland Song, which I previewed last year, is a survival adventure platformer that follows teenager Moira as she embarks on an adventure across the Scottish Highlands to her uncle’s lighthouse by the sea.

Along the way, Moira must climb, descend, and jump across mountains, cliffs, and rocks to Scottish folk music while surviving treacherous weather and collecting map fragments to uncover faster and secret routes.

To celebrate the release of A Highland Song, inkle has discounted the game by 30% on Steam and Nintendo Switch through to May 16th.

You can watch the trailer for the Harmony update below:

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