Dune: Spice Wars Air & Sand Update

Dune: Spice Wars Gets Air & Sand Update, Launches On PC Game Pass

Shiro Games has released a brand-new update for Dune: Spice Wars and has launched the game on PC Game Pass.

The real-time strategy game received its third major Early Access update, adding new gameplay to flying units, as well as plenty of other additions and game improvements.

The Air & Sand update, which comes after the House Corrino and multiplayer updates, has added two new flying units – a fast ship and a larger frigate – for each faction with various abilities.

The update has included aerial combat that allows units to attack flying units, including Ornithopters, while the latter must avoid danger while on recon and can head back to base to heal when required.

Two new resources have also been introduced; Guild Favour for every faction but Fremen which is necessary to deploy spaceships, and Machine Scrap for Fremen only, which can be used to build airships.

There’s a new projectiles system to “add spectacle to fights” with more effects and trajectories, and the update has added new neutral enemies; The Renegades from the Faufreluche system, which can appear and take over neutral villages to launch powerful raids on factions.

There are several major buildings available in the game that are limited to one per faction, and there’s a new Barracks equipment system that requires the Barrack building in your Main Base and can be used to customise the gears of military ground units or enhance units with trade-offs.

Alongside the above, the Air & Sand update has added dozens of other improvements to the game, as well as plenty of bug fixes and balancing changes. A full list of all changes can be found on the Steam update page.

Shiro Games has also launched Dune: Spice Wars with PC Game Pass, and it is now 20% off on Steam until November 22nd.

Check out the trailer for the Air & Sand update below:

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