Barotrauma Among The Ancients

Sci-Fi Survival Game Barotrauma Gets Huge Among The Ancients Update

Sci-fi survival submarine game Barotrauma has just received a gigantic new update.

Titled Among The Ancients, the new update has made the game’s characters more diverse while introducing new customisation options and gameplay overhauls.

The side-scrolling survival RPG game was developed by Undertow Games and released back in 2019 for PC and macOS. It’s set in the future on a submarine exploring Europa’s ocean.

At the start of each game, players are given jobs and the submarine’s crew a mission, such as hunting hostile wildlife, recovering artefacts, and hauling cargo between locations. Various hazards and player incompetence can jeopardise the mission.

If the submarine gets too damaged with no way to fix it, players can be crushed via barotrauma with a damaged submarine effectively ending the game round.

The brand new Among The Ancients update introduces new customisation options including facial features, accessories, hairstyles, and a changeable skin tone via a skin shader system. Character animations have been improved to look more realistic, although they retain their ragdoll physics.

A new talent system has been introduced to give each class special talents and buffs that can be unlocked with experience points, making classes more distinct than before.

Alongside the above, alien ruins have been redesigned, giving them a more distinct horrifying appearance. The game’s procedural generation has also been improved to make exploration more fun, complex, and make ruins feel more real than before.

Barotrauma is available now on Steam for PC and Mac. Check out the trailer for the Among The Ancients update below:

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