Planet Zoo North America Pack

North America Animal Expansion Pack Announced For Planet Zoo

Frontier Developments has announced a brand new expansion pack for Planet Zoo, this time focusing on North American animals.

Titled North America Animal Pack, the new expansion introduced eight highly-requested animals from North America, including the American beaver, the moose, the California sea lion, the cougar, the American alligator, the prairie dog, the Arctic fox, and the American bullfrog.

Alongside the new animals, the expansion introduces five new enrichment items, including the beaver pool, the pronghorn piñata, the skittle feeder, the melon feeder, and the underwater plant feeder.

The pack, which follows the release of the Africa pack in June, also includes a new timed scenario where zookeepers will have to transform a small zoo located in the Blue Ridge Mountains into a fully functioning success.

Finally, Frontier Developments has announced that all players will receive a free update introducing a series of game improvements and extras, including terrain variations ins tarting maps, path barriers, a new height map feature, deep water swimming for felines, and more.

The North America Animal Pack will release on October 4, 2021, on Steam. The expansion, which requires the Planet Zoo base game, can be pre-ordered now for £7.99 / $ 9.99 / €9.99. Watch the trailer for the new pack below:

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