Cult Of The Lamb Sins Of The Flesh Update

Cult Of The Lamb’s Sins Of The Flesh update launches next week

Devolver Digital and developer Massive Monster have announced a release date for the next Cult Of The Lamb update.

Titled Sins Of The Flesh and touted as the “biggest and most wicked” yet, the update, coming after 2023’s Relics Of The Old Faith, will add new progression systems to the game, including a sinful path that allows you to unlock “gluttonous rituals, vain buildings, and wrathful doctrines”.

The update also adds a revamped Follower levelling system, and aims to improve cult life as Followers can leave shinier poops with special effects like improving the fruitfulness of crops.

A broom will be added with the update, which you can level up to make chores faster and more effective, and Massive Monster has added new tiers to the Janitor Station and Storage Structures so Followers can take better care of themselves.

A new Tailor building will also be available, allowing Followers to wear their own outfits with 23 different styles to choose from. To further keep cultists busy, they will be able to find eggs and nurture them to create offspring and new Followers to your cult.

In terms of combat, the update adds a new Blunderbuss weapon that’s great for close-quarters fighting and can be used to snipe enemies from afar with charged attacks.

The Sins Of The Flesh update will launch on January 16th, 2024. To coincide with the launch, Devolver Digital will discount Cult Of The Lamb for one week between January 16th and 23rd.

News of the upcoming content update comes just after the developer and publisher revealed that the game has sold more than 3.5 million copies since its launch in 2022.

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