The official artwork for Papetura, showing the game's two main characters in their paper world.

Point-and-click puzzle game Papetura is getting a physical edition for PS5 and Switch

Meridiem has announced plans to release a physical edition of Papetura, a point-and-click puzzle game by developer Petums, which follows two creatures as they face the monsters trying to burn their world, where everything is made of paper.

With no dialogue, the game’s story is told solely through the game’s animations and sounds, while puzzles help expand the game’s narrative.

The Craft Edition of the game will release later in 2024 for PS5 and Switch across Europe, and it includes a specially designed physical case, an art book, and a code to download the game’s soundtrack.

An image showcasing the physical edition of Papetura, including the box, art book, and copy of the soundtrack.

The game was released in 2021 for PC, in 2022 for Switch, and last year for PlayStation and Xbox, and was praised for its unique visual style and gameplay.

Check out a trailer below, and head to Meridiem for more on the upcoming physical edition of the game.

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