Super Catboy

16-bit Run-n-gun Platformer Super Catboy Launches Later This Month

Take on the role of an anthropomorphic cat in Pixelpogo’s upcoming retro adventure platformer Super Catboy, launching later this month.

Launching on July 24th, Super Catboy follows Catboy and his eccentric but adorable sidekick Weapongirl as they embark on a journey to stop the evil Dr Ungefug, who has created an army of anthropomorphic dogs to stop the heroic feline.

Designed in a 16-bit style, Super Catboy will see you run, jump, dash, and fight your way through several diverse biomes, including snow-capped mountains, mystical forests, and derelict factories, to take down the army of dogs and Dr Ungefug.

You’ll get to use an arsenal of weapons on your journey, unlock bonus stages like motorbike and minecart chases, and a unique story that’s told through the game’s various levels.

Super Catboy will launch on PC and MacOS via Steam and GOG on July 24th. A demo is available now.

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