Control Mission List

Control Mission List – All Main, Side & DLC Quests

Remedy Entertainment released Control back in 2019. The game, which was released to rave reviews, is comprised of ten main missions and over a dozen side missions. It also has two main DLCs; The Foundation and AWE. If you’re looking to see how far you are in the game or which missions you’ve got left, take a look at our Control mission list for all main, side, and DLC quests.

Control Mission List: The Base Game

Control focuses on the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a secret government agency that is responsible for studying and containing paranatural phenomena. Jesse Faden is named the FBC’s New Director and travels to and explores the FBC’s headquarters in New York, known as the Oldest House, to locate her missing brother and take on an enemy known as the Hiss, which has infiltrated and corrupted the entire FBC.

Welcome To The Oldest House

Welcome To The Oldest House is the first Control mission and begins as Jesse arrives at the Oldest House, the FBC’s headquarters. In the mission, Jesse will begin exploring the Oldest House, investigate the Director’s Office, complete your first Astral Plane Challenge, and meet your first surviving FBC employees.

Unknown Caller

Unknown Caller is the second mission in Control and sees Jesse enter and explore the Communication Department to obtain her first special ability Launch, take on first boss Tommasi, traverse the Oceanview Hotel, and use the mysterious Hotline for the first time.

Directorial Override

The third Control mission is Directorial Override, where Jesse explores the Maintenance sector, learns more about the FBC’s strange janitor, fixes the organisation’s Coolant Pumps and Energy Converters, and lift the Oldest House’s Internal Lockdown to allow for more exploration of the FBC headquarters.

Old Boys’ Club

The Old Boys’ Club is the fourth mission in Control and it sees Jesse learn more about Dr. Darling and his HRA gadgets, visit his office and activate the HRA machine.


The fifth mission in Control is Threshold, where Jesse searches for and explores Black Rock Processing, traverses the Oceanview Motel again, search Dr. Darling’s Black Rock Lab, and excavates and collects Black Rock Prism.

My Brother’s Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper is the sixth Control mission. In it, Jesse heads to the Containment Sector to explore the Panoptican, cleanse a new dangerous Object Of Power, obtain the new Levitate ability, and search for her brother, Dylan.

The Face Of The Enemy

The Face Of The Enemy is the seventh mission in Control and it sees Jesse discover the first details about the Prime Candidate Program, visit the Ordinary AWE area, and learn about the Slide Projector Object Of Power.

Finnish Tango

Finnish Tango is the eighth mission in Control and the game sees Jesse learn more about the FBC’s mysterious janitor Ahti, follow several of his visions, and traverse the Oceanview Motel once more.


Polaris is the penultimate mission in Control. The mission sees Jesse explore the Research Sector, navigate the Ashtray Maze, and investigate and save Hedron.

Take Control

Take Control is the final mission of Control and it sees Jesse fight the Hiss’ corruption and face off against Dylan.

Control Side Missions

In addition to the game’s main missions, Control comes with over a dozen side missions too, each of which offers additional rewards and help towards achieving 100%. Take a look at our Control side mission list below.

A Captive Audience

A Captive Audience is a Control side mission where Jesse is tasked with disabling an X-Ray Lightbox to obtain a new ability; Seize.

A Good Defence

In A Good Defence, Jesse must investigate and complete a Training Course to obtain a new ability; Shield.

A Merry Chase

In A Merry Chase, Jesse must investigate a strange light emitting from the Break Room beside Ahti’s Janitor’s office to obtain a new ability; Evade.

Fridge Duty

In Fridge Duty, Jesse is tasked with helping an FBC agent who has been left watching a Refrigerator Altered Item. Jesse must cleanse the item and meet a mysterious entity known as The Former.


Self-Reflection is a Control side mission that sees Jesse explore the Synchronicity Lab, explore a strange mirrored world and take on the challenge Essej boss.

What A Mess Side Missions

The What A Mess side missions in Control are all quests set by Ahti and they involve completing a series of actions throughout the Oldest House. Check them out below:

  • Burn The Trash: Burn trash around the furnace
  • Clear The Cog: Clear the clog of the mould by activating the draining pump
  • Clear The Mould: Clear the mould around certain areas of the Oldest House
  • Even More Mould: Clear more mould in the area just outside of Ahti’s Janitor’s office
  • Talk To The Plants: Talk to several plants throughout the Central Research Sector

Old Growth

Head below Central Research to locate Dr. Underhill and collect five mould samples. They can be found beside:

  • A: Corpses
  • B: Toilets
  • C: Televisions
  • D: Staircases
  • E: The Pit

After collecting all five mould samples and giving Underhill some time, Jesse will need to head into and explore the Pit to encounter a disturbing entity known as Mould-1.

Mould Removal

Destroy the escaped mould patients in Central Research, the Ritual Division, and Parapsychology.

A Matter Of Time

In A Matter Of Time, Jesse must head to the Logistics area of the Containment Sector and escort an injured medic away from danger.

The Enemy Within

In The Enemy Within, Jess, after obtaining the Levitate ability, must battle against the Anchor Altered Item.

Langston’s Runaways

Search for seven Altered Items that have escaped from the Panoptican. Check out the seven items below along with their locations:

  • Japanese Paper Lantern: Found in the Sealed Threshold Corridor in the Containment Sector after completing the A Matter Of Time mission.
  • Hand Chair: Found in the Medical Wing in the Containment Sector.
  • Moving Letters: Found in Dead Letters in the Executive Sector.
  • Traffic Lights: Found in the Panoptican in the Containment Sector.
  • Mannequin: Found in the Prime Candidate Program area in the Containment Sector.
  • Rubber Duck: Found in the Protective Studies area of the Research Sector.
  • Flamingo: Found in the Sealed Threshold Corridor in the Containment Sector, leads to an encounter with the Former.

Old Friends

In the Old Friends Control side mission, Jesse must help Arish by founding pouches worn by six of his Hiss-corrupted friends. Arish’s friends can be found:

  • Remus: In NSC Energy Converters in the Maintenance Sector
  • Guy: In the Atlas Chamber in the Maintenance Sector
  • Cho: In Ventilation in the Maintenance Sector
  • Hazzard: In Black Rock Processing in the Maintenance Sector.
  • Hepstonall: In Blackrock Quarry in the Maintenance Sector
  • Thompson: NSC Coolant Pumps in the Maintenance Sector

Dr. Yoshimi Tokui’s Guided Imagery Experience

The Dr. Yoshimi Tokui’s Guided Imagery Experience is a side mission exclusive to the PlayStation 4 Digital Deluxe version of the game. The mission requires Jesse to listen to a strange audiotape and experience some vivid dreams.

Control DLC Missions


Expeditions is a small free DLC game mode released for Control that is accessed through the Songmaster Jukebox Object Of Power and takes place in the Quarry Side Beta. The mode requires Jesse to complete certain objectives while facing waves of tough enemies for special rewards.

Put A Record On

In the Put A Record On side mission, Jesse must pick up a Jukebox Token, used to power the Jukebox Object Of Power, and start an Expedition mission.

The Foundation

The Foundation is the first DLC pack released for Control and it sees Jesse head beneath the Oldest House to explore its Foundations and assist the Board.

The Foundation

In The Foundation DLC main mission, Jesse must explore the Foundation, investigate the mysterious Nail, and complete an Astral Plane Challenge to unlock a new ability.

The Nail

In The Nail Foundation main mission, Jesse must explore the Canyon Rim, Research Site Gamma, the Warehouse, and the Base Camp, and complete several rituals to repair the Nail.

The Pyramid

In The Pyramid Foundation main mission, Jesse must travel to the bottom of the Nail and battle against a Hiss-infected FBC employee.


AWE is the second DLC expansion released for Control and it sees Jesse explore the Investigations Sector, which has been abandoned and sealed after a security breach.

A Dark Place

In the A Dark Place AWE main mission, Jesse must begin exploring the abandoned Investigations Sector, traverse the Oceanview Motel, and encounter a dangerous Shaded entity.

The Third Thing

In The Third Thing, Jesse must explore the Eagle Limited AWE and Fra Mauro AWE areas while discovering more about and facing the dangerous Shaded entity.

It’s Happening Again

In the final AWE main mission, Jesse must head to the Bright Falls AWE area, traverse the Oceanview Motel, and encounter and defeat the Shaded entity.

Control DLC Side Missions

Pope’s Collection (The Foundation)

Pope’s Collection is a side mission in The Foundation DLC and it sees Jesse collect five ID cards throughout the Foundation and use them to restore access to a hidden elevator to find secret notes by Dr. Ash.

Jesse Faden Starring In ‘Swift Platform’ (The Foundation)

Jesse Faden Starring In ‘Swift Platform’ is another side mission in The Foundation DLC. Jesse must follow and cleanse a Movie Camera Altered Item.

Found Footage (The Foundation)

In the Found Footage The Foundation side mission, Jesse must use a Television Altered Item to navigate a pitch-black chasm before cleansing it.


In the SHÜM AWE side mission, Jesse must interact with the SHÜM Arcade Machine Altered Item and survive against a horde of Hiss enemies.

Dead In Its Tracks (AWE)

In the Dead In Its Tracks AWE side mission, Jesse must investigate and connect with the Train Altered Item at the Eagle Limited AWE.

Gerbil Took The Top Head (AWE)

Gerbil Took The Top Head is a side mission in the Control AWE DLC that takes place at the Fra Mauro AWE area. While there, Jesse must help an FBC prisoner who is searching for a “head”.

Return To Sender (AWE)

Return To Sender is an AWE side mission in which Jesse finds a chain letter, decides to mail several copies, and must hunt down the Altered Item producing the mail.

Another Fine Mess Side Missions (AWE)

Similar to the Control base game’s What A Mess missions, these Another Fine Mess side missions require you to complete several objectives for Ahti throughout the Investigations Sector. They include:

  • Burn The Dark: Burn the Darkness in the Utility Corridor, Eagle Limited AWE, and the Service Ducts.
  • Clear The Mould: Clear mould in the Abandoned Offices, A/C Systems, and the Loading Bay Vents.
  • Nourish The Plants: Shine light on plants in the Abandoned Offices, Operations Corridor, and the AWE Loading Bay.

Those are all of the missions in Control. This comprehensive guide covers all main, side, and DLC missions, and by following it, you’ll be able to see what you have and haven’t completed. Good luck exploring and surviving the FBC!

Control is available for all past and current-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, PC, Nintendo Switch, Luna, and Google Stadia.

How many missions are in Control Foundation DLC?

There are a total of three main missions in the Control Foundation DLC along with an additional three side missions in the expansion.

How many missions are there in the Control DLC?

For both paid expansion packs, there are a total of six main missions and eight side missions in the Control DLC. There’s also one other mission part of the Expeditions DLC.

Are the Control side missions worth it?

Yes. Completing the Control side missions will reward you with additional abilities like Shield and Evade, which help tremendously later in the game. They also provide you with more in-game lore, additional encounters with Altered Items and Objects Of Power, and unique boss fights too.

Which Control side missions have abilities?

If you’re looking to acquire the remaining abilities for Jesse, you’ll need to complete the A Merry Chase, A Good Defence, and A Captive Audience side missions.

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