Returnal New Patch

Housemarque Announces Returnal Patch 1.3.6 To Fix Save Corruption

Housemarque has announced a new patch for Returnal, set to release tomorrow (May 8) to fix the game’s save corruption bug.

In a tweet announcing the patch, Housemarque revealed that the upcoming Returnal 1.3.6 patch will include multiple stability fixes to improve crashing, fix issues with pre-order suits blocking items and doors, fix incorrect healing behaviour, fix issues with custom controller mappings, fix issues with corrupt save game data, and will include several minor fixes too.

The brand new patch fixes issues that were addressed with the developer’s 1.3.3 patch. Unfortunately, the 1.3.3 patch led to save data corruption, with some users losing their save data permanently.

Housemarque quickly released another patch, 1.3.4, which rolled the game back to a previous stable build. The new 1.3.6 patch aims to address the save corruption issues while reintroducing the fixes from the 1.3.3 patch.

Returnal has received positive reviews from critics and players but has been criticised for its lack of a save feature, although Housemarque has confirmed that they’re looking into adding one.

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