Returnal 2.0 Update

Returnal 2.0 Update Introduces Photo Mode And Suspend Cycle Feature

Housemarque has released update 2.0 for Returnal, introducing two features fans have been clamouring for.

The first feature is photo mode, allowing players to pause the game and take snapshots of Selene’s journey across Atropos. Photo mode can be used at any time throughout the game, except in some limited circumstances like first-person sequences.

Photo mode can be enabled by pausing the game, and from there, players can use the analogue sticks and adaptive triggers to move the camera and adjust the angle. The photo mode includes options for focal distance, saturation, contrast, aperture, and comes with dozens of filters as well as the ability to set various sources of light.

Alongside photo mode, the brand new update introduces the ability to suspend cycles, allowing players to temporarily pause their runs, close the game, and return to it in their next session.

When the suspend cycle is enabled, Returnal will create a single suspend point and when players resume the game, the suspend point is deleted and cannot be used again. If the run is suspended, a new suspend point is created.

However, suspend points cannot be created during boss bottles, cinematics, first-person sequences or during intense combat scenarios as Housemarque states they felt that certain moments in the game are best experienced unfragmented to “preserve the intended challenge and flow”.

Returnal is available now for PlayStation 5. If you’re still unsure about grabbing a copy of the game, you can check our Is It Worth It? review for the title here. Watch the trailer for the Returnal 2.0 update below:

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