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PS5 Bugs And Errors: What They Are And How To Avoid Them

A new PlayStation console generation has arrived and, like with previous consoles, it’s come with some errors, many of which have been killing consoles and causing plenty of frustration. If you’re worried about experiencing any of these bugs, it’s a good idea to read up on what they are and how you can avoid them.

Note: Please note that we are not in any way affiliated with Sony PlayStation and are simply reporting on the various issues experienced by PlayStation 5 console users across the internet. You should always report issues to Sony and contact the PlayStation customer support team for help and assistance.

Also, as the PlayStation 5 console just launched, these bugs and errors many are experiencing can be caused by anything and figuring out what has sparked them and what fixes them is an ongoing process. We will continue to update this page with more information as it becomes available.

The Corrupted Database Error

One of the major bugs to have hit users so far is a corrupted database error in which the console informs players that its database has been corrupted and needs to be rebuilt. This corrupted database error isn’t new to the PlayStation 5 as it affected numerous PS4 consoles, particularly if users had an external hard drive plugged into their console.

Although the error on PS4 didn’t prove to be too serious for most people and usually happened very rarely, the new corrupted database PS5 error seems to be more prevalent and serious.

At the time of writing, several tech and gaming YouTubers and reviewers have experienced the error, along with a handful of users who have gotten their hands on a PS5 console. There have been varying reports on why the error occurs.

Some users have claimed it happened randomly or immediately after booting the console up for the first time, others claimed it happened after putting the console into rest mode with a game – usually Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – suspended, and others have claimed it’s happened while downloading from or browsing the PlayStation Store on the PS5.

There are other reports too; some users have said that it happened while playing games, some users have reported it to happen while having an external hard drive plugged into the console, and some users have claimed it to happen with Google Wi-Fi routers, although that’s not yet confirmed.

External Hard Drive Errors

A similar bug which could be connected to the above corrupted storage error involves the PS5’s rest mode and corrupted external hard drives. Some people using external hard drives with PS4 games have reported bugs in which the PlayStation 5 crashes during rest mode and must repair the storage device.

GiantBomb’s Jeff Gerstmann is one of the users affected with the storage error and has claimed that whenever Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered is put into rest mode it crashes the entire PS5 console and forces him to repair his external storage. However, he’s also claimed that after the repair sequence, he’s presented with a black screen and is forced to manually restart the console for it to boot normally and work without problems.

YouTuber and reviewer ACG or Jeremy Penter is another user affected by the storage error. According to Penter, the storage bug led to entire console errors as well as network and booting errors before it completely killed his console.

Penter had reportedly used an external hard drive and had been putting his console into rest mode. He also confirmed that he was troubleshooting the issue with Sony before the console died and has been sent a replacement console.

Transferring PS4 Data Errors And Other Bugs

Another error many people have experienced since the launch of the PS5 is a bug while transferring PS4 data to the new console. Many people have reported crashes and their console freezing during the process and the bugs have sometimes led to the above external hard drive and corrupted storage issues which can lead to full console deaths.

Meanwhile, other users have reported problems with their console straight out of the box with it refusing to connect to televisions, not playing sound properly, and suffering from flickering visuals. With the exception of the console refusing to connect to televisions, most of these errors and bugs are minor but understandably frustrating. Thankfully, with some playing around most users have been able to fix these issues.

How To Avoid These Errors

There’s no doubt that Sony is working on an official patch to address these bugs and errors, but until then you’ll need to remain careful about how you use your new console. Some of the suggestions that online users have been recommended to avoid these errors include to avoid using an external hard drive, avoid transferring any PS4 data, and avoid using the PlayStation 5’s rest mode and instead shut down the console and games completely when you’re done playing.

While the above suggestions aren’t official ways to fix the errors and issues, they may help you avoid anything happening. These problems are frustrating and downright disappointing, but it’s a brand new console and errors and bugs are going to be unavoidable for the first few months of launch. In the meantime, while waiting for Sony to release a patch, why not try following some of the suggestions laid out by the PlayStation community?

Always Report Errors And Bugs

If you do encounter any of these issues there are support threads on the PS5 subreddit located here and here, and you contact Sony PlayStation on Twitter via the Ask PlayStation UK and Worldwide accounts, and don’t forget to report any issues with Sony PlayStation directly and get in touch with their customer support team for more help.

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