PS5 Console

Sony Officially Unveils PS5 Console

Sony has officially unveiled its PlayStation 5 console.

The tech giant premiered its PS5 games showcase event and announced a slew of games from indies to big-name sequels for Horizon: Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and so many others. Right at the end of the presentation, Sony dropped a surprise bombshell; the official unveiling of its PS5 console.

As seen in the presentation, the next-gen console will feature a two-tone black and white colour scheme and come in two variations; a standard version with a disc drive and a digital version without a disc drive. The console features curved edges, an embroiled PlayStation logo, and the PlayStation’s distinct blue colour scheme.

Also shown was the 3D headset, a media remote, a charging station for the DualSense and camera too.

Unfortunately, no details on the price nor the release date for the console were revealed. It seems we’ll have to wait a few more weeks before we receive any more details. So stay tuned. Take a look at the console below:

Image Credit: Screenshot, Sony PlayStation 5 YouTube

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