Lies Of P

Lies Of P Gets Demo Ahead Of September 19th Release

Neowiz Games and Round 8 Studio have released a demo for Lies Of P ahead of its September 19th release date.

The game made an appearance at today’s (June 8th) Summer Game Fest event, where a brand-new gameplay trailer was showcased alongside official confirmation of the game’s launch date and demo release.

The upcoming action RPG sees you control Pinocchio and guide him through the plagued city of Kat, a once lively place poisoned by madness and bloodlust, in search of his creator Geppetto, all while facing biomechanical enemies and bosses.

Lies Of P takes inspiration from the Souls games, and it features a unique combat system where you combine weapons – swords, axes, and more – and abilities to face enemies, all while equipping gadgets to Pinocchio’s mechanical arm, with over 30 different weapon types in the game and over 100 combinations available.

The game also comes with a Lying System, where you’re tasked with making decisions that change the events of the game and lead to one of three unique endings.

The Lies Of P demo is available now on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and the game will launch on September 19th, 2023. Check out the brand-new trailer below:

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