Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man Trailer

Crystal Dynamics Releases First Trailer For Spider-Man In Marvel’s Avengers

After releasing the first official image of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers on Wednesday, Crystal Dynamics has released a trailer for the wallcrawler showing him in action.

The brand new cinematic trailer features no gameplay but offers an in-depth look at Crystal Dynamics’ take on the superhero, including his suit design, voice, and what combat as the character may look like.

The trailer sees Peter confront a group of AIM soldiers as they try to make away with hostages. While fighting them, Peter is quickly outnumbered before being joined by the Avengers.

Spider-Man will join Marvel’s Avengers as part of the With Great Power DLC, which, according to Crystal Dynamics, is a “character-driven story” that celebrates “authentic Marvel heroism”.

The DLC sees Peter team up with the Avengers to stop AIM’s new plan of acquiring special technology to make their Synthoid army unstoppable. On his mission, Peter befriends Ms. Marvel and Black Widow, but struggles with the new dynamics of working within a team.

The Spider-Man With Great Power DLC will release on November 30th as a PlayStation exclusive. Check out the trailer below:

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