Lies Of P Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Action RPG Lies Of P Gets New Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Round 8 Studio has released a new alpha gameplay trailer for action RPG Lies Of P.

The Souls-like game is heavily inspired by the story of Pinocchio and is set in Belle Époque city Krat that has become overwhelmed by madness and bloodlust and is filled with unspeakable horrors

Players follow puppet mechanoid Pinocchio who awakes at an abandoned train station with a note telling him to find Mr Geppetto in the city. On his journey to become human, Pinocchio must fight and survive unspeakable horrors.

Lies Of P was announced earlier this year with a brief announcement trailer, but the new alpha gameplay trailer offers a deeper look into the game including the city of Krat, some of the horrifying enemies Pinocchio will have to face, and the in-depth combat too.

The game features an elegant world filled with tension and interconnected procedural quests that play out depending on how you lie. The choices made in quests affect how the story ends, with several different endings available.

Lies Of P also features a weapons-making system, requiring players to research the best combinations to create something unique. There’s also a special skill system that allows players to alter parts of his body to unlock new skills in battle and exploration.

Lies Of P will release in 2023 for PC via Steam and for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Watch the new alpha gameplay trailer below:

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