How To Fly In Horizon Forbidden West

How To Fly In Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West introduced several new gameplay mechanics over its predecessor, and one of the biggest additions is the ability to fly, which is used to complete several quests and quickly explore the game’s map. If you want to learn how to fly in Horizon Forbidden West, keep on reading our guide below.

How To Fly

To fly in Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll need to complete the Gemini main quest. Doing so will allow you to override the Gemini cauldron and unlock Sunwing machine overrides. Before you can override and mount a Sunwing, you’ll first need to progress the story by completing the All That Remains interlude and The Wings Of The Ten main quest, during which you’ll craft the Sunwing override.

Once you’ve completed the above missions and have crafted the Sunwing override, you’ll be able to summon the Sunwing at any time through the game’s item wheel by hitting the left and right directional buttons to cycle through the wheel, and the down directional button to summon the Sunwing.

In most cases, the summoned Sunwing will immediately pick up Aloy, but in some cases, it will perch nearby and you’ll need to approach the machine and mount it by hitting the square button. When Aloy has dismounted, the Sunwing will usually circle your area in the sky, and you can grapple back onto the Sunwing with the Pullcaster.

When flying the Sunwing, the controls are similar to other mounts. You can dismount with the square button, brake with the circle button, land with R2, hover up with R1, and accelerate by holding down the X button while moving the camera to direct the machine.

That’s how you fly in Horizon Forbidden West. Unlocking flight will make traversal across the game’s huge map easier, and it’ll also unlock several unique side quests as well as higher mountainous regions of the map, so get on that Sunwing!

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