Fresh Start

Fresh Start Is Coming To Switch, PlayStation 5, And Xbox Series Consoles

Developer Chicken Launcher and publisher Awaken Realms have announced that their cleaning simulator Fresh Start is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles.

The single-player game sees you embark on an adventure to clean and restore the planet to its natural beauty by using a unique machine that’s a combination of a vacuum cleaner and a watering hose.

Your job requires you to bring dry and dead plants back to life by spraying them, and washing away and vacuuming the piles of junk found around the world, all of which can be recycled into experience points that allow you to purchase upgrades in the skill shop.

The game, which launched last year on Steam to positive reviews, features numerous puzzles and cute, unique friends that can help you on your journey to rebuild the world.

Fresh Start will launch digitally for all consoles later this year, but physical editions will be available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 consoles across Europe and North America, and are available to pre-order now via Signature Edition Games.

Check out the trailer for Fresh Start below:

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