Cult Of The Lamb PS XBX Patch

Cult Of The Lamb Gets New Patch For PlayStation And Xbox

Massive Monsters has released a brand-new patch for Cult Of The Lamb on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Announced on Twitter, patch for PlayStation and Xbox consoles introduces a slew of bug fixes, including an auto-pause after ten minutes for anyone who leaves the game running, and improved animations and performance while saving and loading games.

The patch also corrects the bug for snail shells not dropping, fixed issues with pathing and DLC disappearing, fixed save corruption bugs and trophy and achievement issues, and more.

Massive Monsters’ new patch also fixes soft locks during Bishop encounters, when interacting with the tarot shine after having collected all tarot cards, during the game’s tutorial, at the base, when entering the temple while cleaning, and when moving wrapped bodies in build mode.

Alongside the above, the patch improves the Bloom Shader for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles and fixed the issue that limited only six followers to enter the Temple at once.

Alongside announcing the update, massive Monsters also confirmed that the team has been working hard to “get them ready and more on the way” before reiterating that fans can expect more fixes and improvements as well as additional content in the future.

Patch is available now for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. A similar update will launch at a later date for the Nintendo Switch. Check out the full patch notes for Xbox and PlayStation. Meanwhile, take a look at our guide about how to give gifts in Cult Of The Lamb to increase follower loyalty.

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