Sticky Business

Run A Sticker-Making Business In Cosy Sim Game Sticky Business

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Spellgarden Games have announced Sticky Business, a simulation game where you’re tasked with running a wholesome sticker-making business.

Launching on PC later this summer, Sticky Business tasks you with creating an engaging and welcoming online storefront while managing sales, packing orders, and deciding what freebies customers get with their orders.

You can mix and match and customise wholesome stickers to create thousands of possibly unique collections and purchase upgrades with your in-game revenue for additional sticker graphics and effect foils to attract more customers, all while enjoying the game’s pastel colour palette and soothing background music.

The business sim also comes with a dedicated Twitch integration that allows viewers in chat to put in “orders” for streamers to pack in-game.

A demo for Sticky Business will launch on Steam on June 10th as part of the Wholesome Direct showcase, and the game will launch later this summer with more details to come.

In the meantime, check out the announcement trailer below:

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