Here’s How To Give A Gift In Cult Of The Lamb

Giving gifts can help increase a follower’s loyalty in Cult Of The Lamb and can provide them with bonuses to help your cult grow. If you’re confused about how to give followers gifts, check our guide right here.

How To Give Gifts In Cult Of The Lamb

After unlocking the ability to give gifts within the first few hours of the game, you simply have to walk up to a follower and select the “Interact” option that is depicted with a megaphone. After that, select the “Give Gift” option, which is depicted with a gift icon.

You’ll then be presented with a third and final menu, where you can select the gift you want to give to your follower. You’ll be shown a short cutscene of the follower enjoying the gift with their loyalty boost and any other bonuses applied.

Where To Find Gifts

The only way you’ll find gifts in Cult Of The Lamb is by crusading in the Old World by opening treasure chests, defeating bosses, and purchasing them from select vendors. A Big Gift (1) with no bonuses can be found at the Lonely Shack inside Ratau’s home once you’re able to travel to the location. Remember to pick that up and beat Ratau at a game of Knucklebones while you’re there for an extra heart Tarot Card.

A majority of the gifts you find are items that can be worn by followers like necklaces, and gifts can come with unique bonuses that can for example allow followers to gain Devotion faster, extend their life dramatically, boost harvesting rates, and more.

Cult Of The Lamb Gifts 2

So rather than simply giving away gifts to any follower, we suggest you do some quick research and figure out which followers will benefit the most from specific bonuses, such as giving harvesting boost gifts to followers ordered to collect resources or giving Devotion-related gifts to relevant followers.

That’s it! Now you know how to give gifts to followers in Cult Of The Lamb. Good luck running your cult and cleaning up all of that poop!

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