Tesco To Stop Selling Physical Video Games

Update: July 20th, 2023

John Lewis has issued a statement to SimpleGamer suggesting there are no plans to follow in Tesco’s wake.

John Lewis Gaming Buyer Jake Roberts stated, “Our bundles are really popular, and the overall gaming category continues to perform well, with sales u +49% and games consoles sales up by +147% compared to this time last year.”

Despite John Lewis’ reported growth, several UK-based SimpleGamer readers have reported that their local stores have ended physical game sales, further reducing an already-dwindling physical market space.

Original article follows.

In a move that will shock all physical video game collectors across the United Kingdom, supermarket Tesco has announced plans to stop selling boxed video games.

According to a brand-new report from Gamesindustry.biz, the chain, which runs almost 3,000 stores across the nation, will no longer sell physical copies of video games, a decision that the firm blames on customers’ shift towards “digital entertainment”.

The company has revealed that once its current stock of games has sold, no further titles will be added to the store’s shelves, although you’ll still be able to grab digital points cards.

The announcement comes as the UK continues to pivot towards the digital sale of video games, particularly after the launch of the digital-only PlayStation 5 consoles.

Meanwhile, UK retail chain GAME closed a majority of its stores and opened concessions in larger Sports Direct shops with a smaller selection of titles, while GameStop closed all 35 of its stores across Ireland back in May.

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