Horizon Forbidden West Accolades

Horizon Forbidden West Gets New Accolades Trailer To Celebrate Its Launch

Sony has released a brand new accolades trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, celebrating the game’s official launch and its received praise.

The game, which was released today (February 18th) for PS4 and PS5 consoles, follows Aloy as she journeys to the Forbidden West to uncover the source of a mysterious plague.

While there, Aloy must also face dangerous new machines, survive massive and deadly storms, and work alongside or against the factions of the Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West has received praise from critics, with many citing the game as an improvement over its predecessor by building upon many of the mechanics of Zero Dawn, including melee combat, traversal, character animations, and more.

The game includes various new gameplay mechanics, including underwater exploration, an improved Focus scanner, the Pullcaster tool, the Shieldwing tool, and the Valor Surge system too.

In addition, side quests have been expanded significantly, Guerrilla Games has included more character interactions, and so much more.

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