The artwork for Lords Of The Fallen's Clash Of Champions update, showing Elianne The Starved.

Surprise! New Lords Of The Fallen update adds two boss rush modes

Although last month’s content update for Lords Of The Fallen was announced as the last, CI Games and developer Hexworks has today (May 30th) released the ‘Clash Of Champions’ update, adding two boss rush modes to the action-RPG.

The brand-new update – available for free – allows you to replay singular boss battles via the Echoes Of Battle mode or confront them as part of six increasingly difficult trials in the Crucible mode, where you must defeat all pre-selected bosses without dying to unlock exclusive new armour tincts and Shrine Currency.

The two boss rush modes can be accessed at Vestiges and can be played either in single-player or in online co-op with other players.

An image showing some of the bosses you can fight as part of the Clash Of Champions update for Lords Of The Fallen

Today’s update follows last month’s Master Of Fate update that introduced an advanced game modifier system, allowing you to customise several aspects of the game to make it easier or harder.

The new Clash Of Champions update, which adds several performance improvements along with the boss rush modes, also coincides with Lords Of The Fallen’s launch on Game Pass for Xbox and PC.

Saul Gascon, the Executive Producer at Hexworks, said: “We’re delighted to welcome the many new players exploring Lords Of The Fallen’s dual worlds for the very first time, thanks to the game’s addition to the incredible Game Pass library.

“We’re extremely excited to greet this new wave of Lampbearers with the surprise release of our ‘Clash Of Champions’ update, which includes the all-new Boss Rush modes as requested by our community.”

Lords Of The Fallen is available now for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles. Want to learn more? Check out our review of the game, where we describe it as a “Souls-like carving its own path”.

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