Immortals Of Aveum Echollector Update

Immortals Of Aveum Is Getting A Free Trial, New Game+ Mode, And DLC Later This Month

Ascendant Studios has announced a behemoth free update for Immortals Of Aveum, which will add plenty of end-game content for you to enjoy.

Releasing November 16th, the upcoming Echollector Update ( adds a new end-game objective to play through, where you’re seemingly tasked with locating Shatterfane portals across Aveum and stopping the evil using them.

A description of the new story content reads: “The events of the Everwar left the Path weak, scattering chunks of the consciouscape across Aveum and creating corrupted Shatterfanes – portals to new undiscovered areas. Jak must rid Aveum of these Shatterfanes and put a stop to whatever malevolent forces are siphoning away the Path’s power in a new boss fight.”

The new story content is available after completing the game’s later chapters and unlocks additional lore to the game’s story, as well as experience and gear, which should be handy for the newly added New Game+ (NG+) mode, allowing you to replay the game but with most of your abilities and spells.

According to Ascendant Studios, the NG+ includes rebalanced enemy health, damage, and abilities, adjustments to experience and currency rates, and allows you to upgrade your gear to higher levels. When selected, Jak carries forward most spells and abilities, but Augment spells are not due to their unlock requirements.

Finally, the upcoming update introduces a Grand Magus difficulty to the game, with stronger enemies that will require you to “battle for survival”.

Immortals Of Aveum’s New Free Trial And Newest Patch

If you’re stuck on whether Immortals Of Aveum is worth the purchase – I reviewed it in September and found it to be overwhelmingly fun but suffering from some technical issues and gameplay missteps – Ascendant Studios has also announced the release of a free trial for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and a PC demo for Steam.

As part of the trial and demo, you’ll be able to play the first three chapters of the game, so you can work out whether the game’s worth a try for yourself. It’ll be available from November 16th.

Before releasing the Echollector Update and the free trials and demo, Ascendant Studios has today released patch across all platforms, which offers performance boosts. Full patch notes can be found here.

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