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Microsoft Shares First Look At New Xbox Dashboard

Microsoft has today unveiled the new Xbox dashboard.

The new UI was featured in a video by Microsoft which showcased the brand new dashboard set to launch alongside the upcoming Xbox Series X console this November. The dashboard will also be made available on the Xbox One consoles as well as Xbox Game Pass on PC.

Unlike PlayStation, Microsoft is focusing on providing players with a cross-generation experience regardless of the device gamers are using, whether that’s the new Xbox Series X console, PC or current Xbox One consoles.

All of Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, Xbox PC services, and Xbox smartphone apps will be unified under the new dashboard to create a single ecosystem which players will be able to complete various activities through, such as sharing screenshots between consoles and phone apps instantly without the need for other applications or services.

In a new blog post, Chris Novak, the Head of Xbox Research & Design, revealed that the new dashboard was made to instantly welcome players, regardless of how or where they’re playing. The post reads:

“All the ways you experience Xbox should feel inviting and familiar, whether you’re on the couch playing on your console, rallying a group of friends together from your PC, or sneaking in a quick session on your Android device via cloud gaming. The next Xbox look and feel is designed to be faster to use, more approachable and visually appealing.”

Novak explains that the new dashboard includes easier to read font, on-screen elements are easier to understand, and that players can accomplish tasks faster than ever.

Xbox Dashboard’s Speed Improvements

Speaking about speed, the new dashboard is faster than ever with the Home screen loading 50% faster when booting up an Xbox console, and around 30% faster when returning to a game.

For the upcoming console, Microsoft says it wanted to ensure fans spent more time gaming than waiting, and it’s using its Velocity Architecture and Quick Resume technology to ensure that games are faster at launching.

Meanwhile, the recently redesigned Microsoft Store now launches in under two seconds and features updated navigation to make it easier and faster for players to find what they want.

What’s more, Microsoft is working on launching a brand new mobile app which will unify your phone with the social experiences of the Xbox console. Players will be able to share content and connect with friends much more easily and an update or game clip shared from your console will be instantly available on your mobile app.

Players will also be able to message friends via the mobile app and keep conversations going while away from the console.

Unfortunately, no official launch date for the new mobile app or for the new dashboard has been announced, although it’s thought they will release around the same time as the new Xbox console in November.

Image Credit: Microsoft Xbox

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