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Microsoft To Release More Consoles After Series X, Phil Spencer Says

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has confirmed that Microsoft has plans to release more consoles after the Xbox Series X and Series S.

In a brand new interview with Yahoo! Finance from over the weekend, the Xbox boss was asked about the firm’s focus on its Game Pass subscription and its xCloud gaming service, and whether the company’s upcoming console generation was going to be its last.

In response, Spencer confirmed that Xbox is “planning” for future console releases after the Xbox Series X and Series S. He said: “We’re about putting the player at the centre. It’s not about the device in the middle anymore. You see that in every other form of media; my TV is with me wherever I go, my music is with me wherever I go.

“I’m in control of the experience and I think gaming is going through that same transformation, which is why as you say, if you’re a Game pass subscriber you can now play great games on our Xbox console, on your PC or now on your Android phone via streaming.”

He then said: “In terms of future hardware, absolutely I think we’re going to see more console hardware down the road. Just like in video, just like in music, it’s not that streaming has cut off device innovation. I think we’ll continue to see that, and that’s absolutely what we’re planning for.”

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S consoles will release November 10th. Although Halo Infinite was set to release alongside the console as a launch title, the game was delayed to 2021 and developers last week confirmed that they still hadn’t set a release date.

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