Dying Light 2 Stay Human Bug Fixes

Techland Promises Slew Of Bug Fixes For Dying Light 2 On All Platforms

Updated February 13th: Techland has released patches for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, introducing a number of different fixes. Take a look at what the new patch fixes for consoles below:

Updated February 8th: Techland has released a patch for PC, addressing numerous bugs which are listed in the 1.04 patch notes on Steam.

Developer Techland has promised a slew of bug fixes for its recently released action-adventure game Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

The survival horror role-playing game released over the weekend for PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles and although most reception has been positive, there have been reports of dozens of game-breaking bugs.

In response, Techland shared several tweets yesterday (February 6th) promising fixes for all platforms, some of which will be released within the next few days while others will take longer to address.

On PC, Techland has confirmed that they will soon release a new patch to address game crashing bags, black screens, DLSS improvements, and issues where players couldn’t sell valuables to vendors.

In addition, the studio is working on issues with mouse key bindings, death loops, story blocks, adding save backups, visual bugs during the Markers Of Plague quest, and more. They are also looking into adding an option to enable English voice over if the local language isn’t English.

Meanwhile, fixes ready for PlayStation consoles include addressing disconnections in co-op, game crashing bugs, connection stability, immortal AI, performance optimisation, fast travel limitations after completing the game, screen flickering on PS5 consoles, infinite black screens, and more.

For Xbox consoles, a new patch will fix connection stability, game crashes, the inability to sell valuables to vendors, enabling 60+ FPS VRR mode on the Xbox Series X, issues with stealth gameplay in co-op, visual adjustments, balance improvements, performance optimisation, and more.

Bugs the team is actively working on for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles include story blocks, adding more video settings, adding backup saves, adding an option to enable English voice over if the local language isn’t English, and fixing player death loops.

Techland hasn’t yet shared when these patches will release but it’s safe to assume they will launch very soon. We’ll update when Techland has announced more information on the bug fixes.

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