Dirt 5

Dirt 5 Delayed To November To Launch With Next-Gen Console

Dirt 5 has been delayed to November to launch alongside next-gen consoles.

Game developer Codemasters has announced that the title, which was announced back in May during the Xbox Series X showcase, will release on November 6th as part of a move to launch on all consoles within a shorter timeframe.

This includes the Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5, both of which are set to release in November 2020, although no official date for either console has been announced.

Dirt 5 was originally set to release October 9th but was delayed to October 16th last month, and now delayed again to early November. It includes a story mode featuring characters voiced by Nolan North and Troy Baker.

Frank Sagnier, the Chief executive at Codemasters, said in a statement on the delay: “Dirt 5 has received widespread critical acclaim, culminating with the game receiving the Gamescom 2020 Best Racing Game Award on 30 August.

“The revised launch date will allow us to take advantage of the next-generation console launches which are expected in time for the holiday season.”

The game was first announced in May as part of the Xbox Series X showcase event. It will support Microsoft’s Smart Delivery Scheme which allows you to purchase an Xbox One copy of the game and receive the upgrades Xbox Series X version for free.

In addition, anyone who purchases a PS4 copy of the game can upgrade theirs to the PS5 version for free too.

Dirt 5 will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X in November, and the title will launch on Google Stadia in 2021.

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