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Can You Get Banned For Buying Rocket League Items?

Being able to trade with other players in Rocket League makes it easier to get the items you actually want. However, this opens the door to something that a lot of developers dislike; online trading, and this is no different with Rocket League developer Psyonix. Trading outside of the game is not something developers approve of considering players can trade real-world money or cryptocurrency for digital items.

What Psyonix Thinks About It

Officially, outside-game trading and selling items for real money aren’t allowed since, according to Psyonix, it puts players “at risk of scams and other illegal activity”. The company’s statements include a line stating that if players participate in trading transactions, Psyonic “cannot help you”. However, Psyonix also states that they do not reverse any player trades. On a support page regarding player-to-player trades, Psyonix states that “once a trade has occurred, it is final”. So, even if you have problems with a legitimate trade through the website, Psyonix will not get involved with any trading dispute and reverse it.

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The Reality Of The Situation

Players are not supposed to trade items outside of the game and selling them is definitely not something Psyonix allows. However, in reality, it’s unlikely anyone who trades outside the game will ever be caught or punished. There are other such as hackers, matchmaking abuse, and boosting services which are more concerning to Psyonix. While the developer is unlikely to seek out those trading through third-party websites, they will most likely respond if you make yourself known in some way. There is also the possibility that the developer will crackdown on specific items regarding third-party trading if it causes some kind of serious problem for them.

 What Precautions Should You Take?

Since Rocket League is free, it’s much easier to stay safe while trading. For example, you can make a second account for any items you buy to help protect your main account by sending the trading items to your second account and then trading them with the seller, preventing them from knowing your real account name or Rocket ID.

When looking to buy items from players or a third-party website, you’ll want to do some form of vetting to see a user’s past trades and for any safety features. Good websites will explain these processes in their FAQs or on other areas of the website. For other players, most legitimate sellers will have some kind of past trades list and will be happy to work with you to ensure you feel safe with the trade.

It’s unlikely an item trade or sale will ever need you to hand over your account details. If someone asks for them, you’ll need to check if the items you want are automatically bound to an account. When trading for items the other person needs your account details for, always remember to have two-factor authentication enabled and to change your account password immediately once the trade has been completed. It’s also important to note that trades for items that are bound to an account will need to go through your main account and not the second account.

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Where To Buy Rocket League Items

There are plenty of websites where you can buy or sell Rocket League items, but some are much better than others. Most websites allow you to buy items using real-world money though not all of them do this and some may limit users to item-for-item trading. Some websites will also allow you to trade Rocket League Credits in replacement for real cash.

Many trading websites also allow trading for other games. This means if you’re already trading items in other games through a third-party website, you might be able to use that one for Rocket League too. Game-specific trading sites are rarer to come across, but they do exist. These websites are only for trading on a specific game which some users prefer.

If you’re stuck on where to go, TheGlobalGaming has a great article analysing five different Rocket League item trading and sale websites, which is a great starting place for research into which website to use. However, you should always take a look at a website and researching it yourself, which brings us to another point below.

Always Remember To Do Your Own Research

Websites and experienced individual sellers will have reviews available online. It’s much easier to track down reviews about websites than individual users. While reviews can be faked, if a website has active social media accounts, then you’ll be able to see reviews, ratings and comments from other people who have used them. When researching, you’ll need to confirm that the website caters to the platform you play the game on. PC users now also need to look for items specific to Steam or Epic depending on what store they’re playing on which is super easy to forget.

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Anything Else You Need To Know About Rocket League Item Trading

Rocket League item trading might not be allowed by Psyonix, but it’s not something that will be going away any time soon. Doing your research first means you can feel safe when buying Rocket League items online from other players and websites.

Most websites that allow you to buy items from them will also let you sell items too. This will work slightly differently so if you’re interested in selling some unwanted Rocket League items, then you’ll need to comb through the FAQ and any relevant sales sections. Each website will operate slightly differently, and it’s down to you to work out which one would be the right platform to use.

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