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How To Solve The Court Of Owls Building Puzzle In Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is filled with several puzzles that need to be solved to continue the game’s story. One puzzle that has seemingly confused many players can be found in Case File 4.2, and it requires you to step on floor plaques corresponding to some of Gotham’s most famous landmarks. Discover how to solve the Court Of Owls building puzzle with our guide right here.

Solving The Building Puzzle

Like with most other puzzles in Gotham Knights, the answer to the building puzzle can actually be found amongst your surroundings. In the room with the puzzle are four buildings; the Gotham Courthouse, GCPD Central Station, City Hall, and Gotham Cathedral.

Around the room are paintings depicting the same buildings, and each has a date associated with it, indicating when the building was constructed, and that’s the order you’re going to want to step on the floor plaques.

Gotham Knights Building Puzzle

The order you’ll want to follow is:

  • City Hall (1836)
  • GCPD Central Station (1841)
  • Gotham Courthouse (1842)
  • Gotham Cathedral (1877)

Simply step on the floor plaques corresponding to each building in the above order to complete the puzzle. If you make a mistake, you can reset the order by hitting all four plaques.

Once complete, you’ll be able to continue chasing the Voice Of The Court and investigating the mysterious organisation.

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